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Pagedip is a no-code content management system with revolutionary built-in content analytics. It integrates with Slack and Salesforce. Pagedip solves for more than content analytics. Clients say it simplified their workflows, and showed them how their work could be done more effectively and efficiently.

We provided research and strategy consulting to Pagedip in order to refine market fit and develop a go-to-market strategy. This B2B business development strategy led to the small Boulder based start up signing clients like Salesforce, NetApp, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, The Fasting Method, and Northwestern Mutual.

Ironcore Labs

Ironcore is a game changing encryption company that is ahead of the market.

Ironcore adds a layer of encryption between applications and data to guard against massive breaches, data scraping, cross-tenant data leakage, and other common issues.
Application-layer encryption keeps the data safe even when an attacker has access to databases or file systems.

We provided business development to Ironcore and helped create its first customer list.


An exciting new media platform that marries content creators and customers in niche categories. It integrates programatic advertising, social media profiles, proprietary profiles, and some secret sauce to target and display premium ads to highly targeted customers. It directs customersĀ to a closed loop shopping cartĀ in the form of, not just clicks, actual sales.

My team is providing go-to-market strategy, sales team development, high value target contact, and administrative leadership to this startup.